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From Regret to Righteousness

Pastor Jacob Aranza
July 7, 2024

Main Idea

The central theme of Pastor Jacob's message was the transformation from living in regret to embracing God's righteousness. He highlighted that while regret can trap us in our past mistakes, God offers us a path to righteousness that is open to everyone. This righteousness is not earned by works but is a gift received through faith in Jesus Christ. By confessing and believing in the redemptive work of Jesus, we can overcome regret and be declared righteous, allowing us to live freely and confidently as children of God.

Scripture References

Romans 6:19, Romans 3:19-26, Romans 1:17, Romans 5:17, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 10:9-10

How can we transform our regrets into positive motivations for righteous living?

If regret is to intensely repeat and lament what we did, then let's intensely repeat and declare what Christ has done for us on the cross by declaring us righteous.

What are some practical ways to remind ourselves daily of the righteousness we have in Christ?

Discussion Questions:

How does understanding that God's righteousness is a gift change the way we approach our past mistakes?

In what areas of your life do you need to replace feelings of regret with the truth of God's righteousness?

How can we support each other in the community as we move from regret to living in God's righteousness?

Regret should educate and motivate us, but it should never be the place where we remain stuck.


In 'From Regret to Righteousness,' Pastor Jacob Aranza guided us through the journey from the pain of regret to the freedom of righteousness. He explained how regret often leads us to hide, cover up, and succumb to fear, guilt, and shame. Pastor Jacob emphasized that regret should serve as an education, a motivation, but never a destination. He encouraged us to learn from our mistakes and to use our past to propel us towards righteous living. Through the story of the Apostle Paul and the truths from Romans, we learned that God's righteousness is available to all, received through faith, a free gift, and requires confession for possession.

Call to Action

Some next steps to take this week:

Reflect on your past regrets and consciously decide to use them as lessons for growth and change.

Confess your faith in Jesus Christ and embrace the gift of righteousness He offers you.

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