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Church Note quickly creates a discussion guide based off of your sermon notes to extend the message that God inspired beyond your weekly services.

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Simply upload the PDF of your sermon notes and let us do the rest. Within a minute you will receive both a link and printable version of your custom Church Note.

Our Dream Is To See Every Church Using Church Note, No Matter Their Size, Because We Believe In Seeing Every Church Grow.
Acts 2:42-47

The reason


People leave church if they're not connected relationally in the first month


Would lead a group if the material was simple enough


Pastors wish their sermons could go further than Sunday

Got questions?

What is Church Note?

Think of it as a divine assistant for the tech-savvy pastor. You paste in your sermon, and like magic (but not the questionable kind), you get both a PDF & Custom Web Page discussion guide. No more burning the midnight oil!

How does Church Note work?

You paste, we process. It's like making instant coffee, but for sermon discussions. Just hope your sermon isn't as bland as that coffee.

Who can benefit from using Church Note?

Pastors, church staff, and anyone who's ever thought, "I wish there was a way to automate creating these." when staring at their sermon notes.

Do I need to format my sermon notes in a specific way for Church Note?

We're flexible, but a bit of structure never hurt anyone. Church Note uses advanced algorithms and is designed to understand a wide range of formats but feel free to add any additional formatting you'd like. It's like building the ark – measurements help. All that said, it's not necessary.

How easy is it to get started with Church Note?

Go from 'Sign-Up' to receiving your first note in minutes. Now go grab a coffee, you've earned it.

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