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Discussion Guide

Easter Sunday

Pastor Jacob Aranza
March 31, 2024

Main Idea

The central theme of Pastor Jacob's message revolved around the idea that our personal struggles - be it pain, shame, or sin - can often cloud our perception and prevent us from recognizing when Jesus is reaching out to us. By reflecting on how Mary Magdalene's grief, Peter's guilt, and Adam's fear affected their encounters with God, Pastor Jacob invited us to consider our own barriers and to seek Jesus with open hearts, especially during the resurrection season.

Scripture References

John 20:1-16, Luke 8:2-3, Luke 22:54-62, Mark 16:6-8, Genesis 3:7-10

What personal experiences or emotions do you think might be clouding your ability to hear or recognize Jesus calling you?

Even when we are blinded by our own pain, shame, or sin, Jesus continues to call us by name, inviting us back into His presence.

How can the stories of Mary Magdalene, Peter, and Adam help you understand your own relationship with Jesus?

Discussion Questions:

In what ways have you experienced Jesus reaching out to you during times of pain, shame, or sin?

What practical steps can you take to remove barriers that prevent you from experiencing Jesus' presence more fully?

How can sharing your own experiences of overcoming spiritual hindrances help others in their faith journey?

Like Mary, Peter, and Adam, our greatest hindrances can become testimonies of Jesus' redemptive power when we choose to listen and respond to His call.


Pastor Jacob took us on a reflective journey this Easter, focusing on the moments when individuals in the Bible didn't recognize Jesus calling their names due to their emotional and spiritual barriers. He shared stories of Mary Magdalene, Peter, and Adam to illustrate how pain, shame, and sin can obstruct our spiritual vision and hearing. Through these narratives, Pastor Jacob encouraged us to examine what might be hindering us from fully experiencing Jesus in our lives.

Call to Action

Some next steps to take this week:

Reflect on what personal barriers may be preventing you from hearing Jesus call your name.

Seek forgiveness and healing to overcome the pain, shame, or sin that hinders your relationship with Jesus.

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